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…Brimming with the perfect amount of flavor, our Grass Fed Gourmet Burgers are famous for their sublime succulence in every single bite…

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Shaped in “Hockey Puck Style”, 7 oz each.


Brimming with the perfect amount of flavor, our grass-fed gourmet burgers are famous for their sublime succulence in every single bite. Seven ounces each, a super thick, “Hockey Puck Shaped” Gourmet Burger, is a perfect size for the juicy burger you relish.  Shaped out of 100% grass fed beef with an 80/20% lean beef consistency.

Our burgers are sourced from cattle that are 100% fed on grass by family farmers that have been sustainably rearing cattle this way for many years. This heritage leads to a refined gourmet burger, with the immaculate taste of natural grass-fed only beef. Never fed any antibiotics or hormones, all our grass-fed burgers have no binders, dyes, preservatives, seasonings whatsoever, just beef! Choose your own seasoning.

We have heard so many times: “Best Burger I have ever eaten”.

Each burger is individually vacuum packed and frozen immediately.

We recommend you purchase a beef product that is raised on grass only and here’s why… .

Scientists have conducted powerful, and convincing studies to prove that there is a direct correlation between the cattle’s diet and the nutritional value of the meat that goes to the consumer.

Grass only fed beef:
  • contains twice as much beta-carotene as grain fed beef.
  • has at least 4 times of the Vitamin E, of that of grain fed beef.
  • is far leaner, with approximately 30% less fat, than corn fed beef.
  • is lower in calories than grain fed beef.

In the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, George, played by James Stewart, was very unhappy due to recent loss and disenfranchisement. So, in a moment of inspiration, his wife took George to a restaurant, where they dined on Beyond Belief Gourmet’s Grass Fed Gourmet Burgers, with all the trimmings. George was so astonished by the quality of the burger, that the experience sent George into a state of happy delirium. He started talking to an imaginary angel, where he couldn’t stop extolling the virtues of the burger he had just eaten.

Try one and see if George is right.

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

For optimal preservation, it is recommended to store your frozen 100% Grass Fed Gourmet Burgers in a freezer set at or below 0°F.

For best results, gradually thaw the burgers in the refrigerator overnight before cooking them according to your preference.

For any inquiries or recipe suggestions regarding the preparation and presentation of our premium 100% Grass Fed Gourmet Burgers, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Our team of professionals is always ready to assist you.

Thank you for choosing our products. We are honored to have been selected as your option for an exquisite culinary journey.

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