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…authentic heritage-bred, free range, 100% grass fed and grass finished meat… no hormones or antibiotics ever… …melts in your mouth, gentle earthy flavor…

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Complete trim, frozen


Our New Zealand 100% Grass Fed Angus Filet Mignon always tastes exceptional. It is sourced from Angus cattle, raised in the clean watered, lush green meadows of New Zealand. Here, the climate, clean air and pure water fuels growth of rich green pastures. The cattle are raised year-round, on this nutritious environment and have access if needed to conserved forages like hay and silage. It also means they are raised with the ability to wander and graze freely. The animals can eat and live as they would naturally, which reduces stress and promotes better animal welfare. This perfect environment ensures that Master Graders can select beef that guarantees the most tender and juicy Filet Mignon for your ultimate dining experience.

What does grass fed beef mean? With a diet of rich grass animals grow strong, healthy and lean. The meat that is produced has a consistently delicious, distinctive flavor.  This is the mark of exclusive beef as it naturally should be. It’s leaner, more finely textured and nutritionally better for you. Compared to grain-fed, grass-fed beef is lower in saturated fat, and higher in vitamins A and E, conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids.

Each New Zealand 100% Grass Fed Angus Filet Mignon is individually vacuum packed and immediately frozen.


Gene Kelly wasn’t deliriously happy because he was hopelessly in love with Debbie Reynolds in the film “Singing in the Rain”. No, Gene was all deliriously happy because he had just finished off an 8 oz New Zealand Grass Fed Fillets Mignon from Beyond Belief Gourmet !

Try our Angus Grass Fed Filet Mignons and you will see that Gene was right about that.

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

For best outcomes, we recommend storing your New Zealand 100% Grass Fed Angus Fillets Mignon in a freezer set at or below 0⁰F.

Prior to use, please ensure to thaw the fillets overnight in a refrigerator. Following defrosting, we recommend rinsing and carefully drying the product before cooking to your liking.

To ensure food safety, it’s critical to use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature of cooked fillets. The USDA recommends maintaining a temperature of at least 145°F.

A recommended technique in the professional culinary world is to allow the cooked meat to rest for no less than 5 minutes. This allows for an improvement in flavor and tenderness.

Explore the limitless possibilities of our New Zealand 100% Grass Fed Angus Fillets Mignon with our expertly crafted recipe suggestions for preparation and serving. For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at recipes@beyondbeliefgourmet.com.

Thank you for choosing our exceptional products, and let us work together to create something extraordinary.

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