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We, at Beyond Belief Gourmet, take immense pride in introducing to you the exquisite Mediterranean Sea Bass, commonly known as Branzino.


Branzino, widely referred to as Lup De Mer or Mediterranean Sea Bass, is a prized fish that has been savored in the Mediterranean region for many centuries.

With a body size akin to a large trout, this fish is conventionally served baked or grilled with the skin left on to retain its delicate, buttery consistency that tends to dissolve in the mouth.

Branzino is a highly valued component of a balanced Mediterranean diet due to its exceptional taste and remarkable health benefits. It is an excellent choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we suggest adding this delicate, flavorful fish to your menu options.

Incorporating Branzino into your seafood selections adds a unique taste sensation to your culinary creations, and we firmly advise it as an exceptional choice to enhance your dietary routine.


Eddy Murphy who plays Sherman Klump in the film “The Nutty Professor”, was famously depressed, because he was fat. His overweight was the only obstacle, to receiving the romantic attentions he yearned for, from Carla Purty, played by Jada Pinket. Frustrated, but determined, Sherman extolled, “Never mind, I will go on a crash diet. I will start with lemon stuffed branzino, served with risotto alla milanese, and green beans with almond butter”. After a month of a Branzino diet, he slimmed down to a svelte 180 pounds.  And, without that over amorous  “Buddy Love” character, manifesting to mess things up, he never looked more attractive to Carla.

If you want to spice up your romantic life, try a diet of Branzino from Beyond Belief Gourmet.

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

To ensure optimal results, we advise that you store the product in a freezer, maintaining a temperature of 0 or below 0⁰F.

Prior to usage, please thaw the Branzino overnight in a refrigerator. Rinse and pat dry before cooking it according to your preference. To ensure safety and health standards, it is recommended by USDA that the fish’s internal temperature reach 145°F. Please use a food thermometer to obtain this temperature.

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