Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon

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Annual production is limited. This is a result of sustainable sourcing and the labor-intensive nature of this signature product.

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frozen packs, 4 oz each


Cambridge House Smoked Salmon is produced by the use of methods that the same craftsmen originated in Scotland hundreds of years ago. The artisanal smokers at Cambridge House, take great pride in creating small batches of this handcrafted delicacy. In producing this redoubtable rarity, Cambridge House first take Atlantic salmon and cure it with sea salt. After which, a limited amount of seasonings are added, to clarify, nothing more than brown sugar and celery. Then, it is hung by rope in a traditional brick smoking kiln and smoked for up to 36 hours, using nothing but oak logs. After smoking, it’s naturally air dried and sliced ultra-thin. Therefore, this procedure is unique to producing incomparable smoked salmon. In short, this makes Cambridge House Private Reserve Rope Hung Salmon simply the best in the world.

Cambridge House Private Reserve is 100% natural with no dyes, antibiotics or preservatives.

Please note: Annual production is limited, this is a result of sustainable sourcing and the labor-intensive nature of this signature process.


How Laurence of Arabia successfully defeated the Turk forces in Aqaba.

In the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, T. E. Lawrence urgently needed the assistance of the Bedouin Arabs and their leader, Shaikh Auda Abu-Tayeh, in order to conquer the strategically critical port of Aqaba. However, Lawrence had been informed that the Arabs were difficult to persuade. Thus, Lawrence took with him a substantial amount of 4 ounce packets of Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon to persuade his target. As soon as the Shaikh tasted the smoked salmon, he became mesmerized and was ready to do anything for Lawrence.  

In carrying out his mission, Lawrence successfully finessed the Shaikh with titbits of sublime Cambridge House Smoked Salmon, which allowed him to gain control of Aqaba. Consequently, Lawrence entered the British garrison at Cairo where he loudly announced “We’ve taken Aqaba!” The British forces were stunned by Lawrence’s announcement. This resulted in trillions of dollars in oil revenue going to the Arabs rather than to the Turks. All thanks to Cambridge House Smoked Salmon. So take the Shaikh’s wise advice and pile on the Smoked Salmon, over cream cheese on a lightly toasted sliced baguette. Finish with a sprig of fresh dill and a drizzle of lemon juice.

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

Store in freezer at a temperature of 0 or minus ⁰F.

Our Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon should be thawed overnight in the refrigerator before preparing.

By the way, if you need great ideas for cooking and serving this world class smoked salmon, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

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