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This impressive shrimp is truly unique; mildly sweet and firm…, pleasurably tantalizing to the taste buds.

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Raw, Tail off, U/15, frozen


Have you ever had a Colossal Wild Caught White Shrimp? “It’s a must-have”, according to Top Chefs…, and to Mykelti Williamson. This impressive shrimp is truly unique; mildly sweet and firm…, pleasurably tantalizing to the taste buds.

Sustainably caught in the Gulf of Mexico, quick frozen, Beyond Belief Gourmet’s Colossal, Wild Caught, White Shrimps are delivered to you in their pure and natural form – no chemicals or preservatives.

For effortless preparation you will find your shrimp expertly peeled and deveined, with the tail removed.


” Anyway, like I was saying, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautés it. There’s, um, shrimp ka-bobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, pan-fried, deep-fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich… That’s, that’s about it.” ~ Mykelti Williamson, in Forest Gump

Each case comes with 5lb of U15 shrimp. About 60 colossal shrimp per case in total.

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

Get ready to cook up your delicious Mexican Wild White Colossal Shrimp!

For the best results, thaw your shrimp overnight in the refrigerator before rinsing, drying, and cooking to perfection. Don’t forget to use a food thermometer to ensure your meal is not only scrumptious but safe too – the USDA recommends an internal temperature of at least 145°for all fish and shellfish.

And, if you need any recipe ideas or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We’re here to support you every step of the way in your culinary adventures.

We extend our sincere gratitude for selecting Beyond Belief Gourmet as your preferred choice – we truly value your esteemed patronage.

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