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…Among food connoisseurs Jumbo Sea Scallops are considered one of the most sophisticated epicurean delights available…

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Georges Bank Wild Caught, frozen U/10, 5 lb case


Among food connoisseurs Jumbo Sea Scallops are considered one of the most sophisticated epicurean delights available. We are very proud to deliver to our customers the prestigious Georges Bank Wild Scallops, caught in the pristine waters of the Georges Bank, Massachusetts.

They are naturally sweet, with a firm texture, unlike many other scallops on the market that tend to be jelly-like. All our Jumbo Sea Scallops are hand selected for size and quality, then dry packed and individually quick frozen.


When Aphrodite, was born “out of the foam”, the sweet East Wind carried her to the island of Cythera, where she arrived at the shore by floating on a scallop shell. Thus, scallop shells became the symbol of the birth of Aphrodite. 

Aphrodite is an ancient Greek Goddess, associated with love, beauty, pleasure and passion.

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

For best results, please store your Jumbo Sea Scallops in a freezer with a temperature below 0⁰F.

Before cooking, thaw the scallops overnight in the refrigerator, rinse, and dry. Cook to your desired preference. Use a food thermometer to verify that the internal temperature reaches 145°F, which is the recommended temperature set by the USDA for all fish and shellfish.

If you need recipe recommendations or any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  Our team is dedicated to ensuring your inquiries are promptly addressed and that you receive top-notch professional assistance.

Your commitment to Beyond Belief Gourmet is the catalyst that motivates our dedication and spurs us to elevate your culinary enjoyment. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

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