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Uncover the sublime culinary journey that captures the true essence of shrimp, as championed by esteemed gourmand Maria Erdman. Prepare to be amused and inspired.

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Beyond Belief Gourmet has proudly incorporated into its exclusive repertoire of culinary delights, the much coveted Mexican White Wild Jumbo Shrimp, recognized by the food industry as one of the most exceptional shrimps. This fabulous product comes in a case comprising of five pounds of 16/20 frozen, raw, peeled and de-veined shrimps, with their tails on.

The selection of Mexican White Wild Jumbo Shrimp from Beyond Belief Gourmet’s collection of impressive array of culinary ingredients, provides an exceptional proposition for those seeking wild-caught shrimp.

The shrimp is sourced from the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, and possesses a distinct flavor profile resulting from the nutrient-rich ecosystem of its natural oceanic environment. Offering a remarkable culinary experience, it boasts a sweeter and bolder flavor, distinguishing it from other shrimp on the market.

As a culinary expert, Maria Erdman unequivocally endorses this offering, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience that captures the true essence of shrimp.


Andy Dufresne, the main character in the superb film, “The Shawshank Redemption”, who is wrongly imprisoned and given a life sentence, yearns to escape his internment. Then one day, Andy hears that there is a restaurant in Mexico, which is famed for its Jumbo Shrimp. Motivated by this great news, Andy plans his escape. After ten years of diligent planning, Andy eventually escapes, and after an arduous journey, he reaches the same restaurant in Mexico, where he enjoys the Jumbo Shrimp he was longing for. Now Andy is convinced that “Beyond Belief Gourmet’s” Number 1 Mexican White Jumbo Shrimp, is well worth escaping prison for. 

Storage, handling and cooking instructions:

To maintain the freshness of your Mexican Wild White Jumbo Shrimps, please store them in a freezer at a temperature of below 0℉.

For best cooking results, we recommend thawing the shrimps overnight in the refrigerator before rinsing, drying, and cooking as desired. To guarantee the safety of your meal, please use a food thermometer to ensure that the shellfish’s internal temperature reaches at least 145°F, as recommended by the USDA for all fish and shellfish.

If you require further assistance or recipe ideas for cooking and serving your delicious Mexican Wild White Jumbo Shrimps, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and thank you for choosing Beyond Belief Gourmet.

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